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New Zealand History

The history of the Havanese Imported into New Zealand is still very much in its fledgling development. The Havanese is one of the rarest of the new breeds to set paws on NZ soil. In fact, the Havanese are a still a new breed into Australasia with Rocket 'Gr Ch, AKA & NZ Ch Torza Rocket by Lejerdell' (Imp USA) being the first Havanese arriving in Australia in June 2000. Rocket is owned by Trina Kennard, Torza Kennels of Adelaide, Australia.


Rocket's profile as described on is as follows: Rocket is the hallmark of a typical Havanese, lovely, glimmering, crème silky coat, dark eyes and pigment and a beautiful head. A true gentleman. Rocket was the patient, elegant dog, never wavering from the business of the ring. Rocket was retired from the ring in September 2006 as an Australian Grand Champion and New Zealand Champion and lives a life of comfort with his proud mum Trina. Rocket was the first Australian owned Havanese to arrive in New Zealand. He arrived in NZ in the latter part of 2001 quickly gaining his NZ Championship title. Rocket was campaigned in NZ by Anne Louise Fearne-Fowlie and a great moment was a Best in Show.....


Origins of the Havanese

The leading breeders of the renaissance were the French who cross bred the Maltese with many other small breeds particularly the small Barbet which was developed from the rough water dog brought out from Russia to many European countries. This dog was named the Poodle in France. This shaggy dog was finally sequestered to Portugal and is now known as the Portuguese water dog. One resulting cross between the Barbet and the Maltese was called the Silky Toy Poodle. Breeders then used the Spanish miniatures to form the toys of the Bichon Family. The most popular being the Bolognese, Havanese, Silky Poodle, Bichon, Lowchen and the present day Maltese.


The Havanese is part of many French toy Bichon breeds of which there are four types  the Bichon Maltais, the Bichon Bolognais, the Bichon Havenais and the Bichon Teneriffe. The Teneriffe was carried to the Canary Island off Teneriffe, made its appearance in France around 1515-1547. It became the famous Bichon Frise.


In 1492 Christopher Columbus opened up a whole new world when he crossed the Atlantic. In 1503 he landed on Cuba and found a small dog called the Techichi, a heavy boned small dog which seemed mute and did not bark. Cuba soon became New Spain where settlers, traders, merchants settled there bringing their little dogs......

First Havanese NZ Champions


In order of achievement.


1st Aust. Gr Ch & NZ Ch Torza Rocket by Lejerdell (Imp USA) Rocket owned by Trina Kennard. Adelaide. Australia. Titled 23 Feb 2002 


2nd Aust. Aust Ch & NZ Ch Torza Tyme T Twist. Page 

owned by Joy Parker. Victoria. Australia. Titled 2002 


3rd NZ Ch Hashki Berevealded (Imp Aust) Rebel 

owned by M Davies. Taupo, NZ and P Peters. Auckland. Titled NZ 6 Nov 2004 


4th NZ Ch Torza Majik Roundabout (Imp Aust) Dougal 

owned by Bob and Barbara Leighton. Bay of Plenty. Titled NZ 16 Oct 2005


5th NZ Ch Torza Infinite Pleasure (Imp Aust) Precious 

owned by Stella Marshall and Viv Carpenter. Auckland. Titled  NZ 16 Sept 2006 


6th NZ Ch Hashki Gymea (Imp Aust) Pippa. 

owned by M Davies Taupo. NZ and P Peters. Auckland. Titled  NZ 29 Sept 2006


7th NZ Ch Torza Cool by Design (Imp Aust) Morgan 

owned by Stella Marshall and Viv Carpenter. Auckland. Titled  NZ 15 Apr 2007 


8th NZ Ch Torza Wicked Edition (Imp Aust) Django 

owned by Anne Rowland. Taranaki. Titled  NZ Late April 2007


9th NZ Ch Torza Hot Reaction (Imp Aust) Twinkle 

owned by Lyn McLean. Bay of Plenty. Titled NZ 10 June 2007 


10th NZ Ch Wybnellas Cuddly Rascal (Imp UK)  Grimsby

owned by Lyn McLean. Bay of Plenty. Titled NZ 30 August 2008 



owned by Lyn McLean. Bay of Plenty.

shown and titled by Annette Martin Darfield, Canterbury. Titled 2 January 2010



owned by Lyn McLean. Bay of Plenty. Titled 30 January 2010



owned by Lyn Mclean. Bay of Plenty. Titled



Bred by Sabine Steinmann

owned by Lyn McLean. Bay of plenty. Titled April 2012

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