Introducing our wee Ozzy Gal.

Our sweet girl arrived in New Zealand from Adelaide on 27th July 2006. 

Twinkle was the 8th Havanese into New Zealand.​

She is a chatty wee gal and together with her beau Grimsby, has produced three beautiful litters.

She had a 4th litter with Calvin producing two gorgeous girls to end her motherhood.

Twinkle gave us 21 beautiful puppies who live in many corners of the southern hemisphere. 

Twinkle is now retired, is much loved and no doubt will rule the roost through her twilight years.

NZch Torza Hot Reaction


DOB 17th April 2006

NZch Cubana's Joyous Celebration


DOB 25th December 2008

Our last born Christmas baby ‘Joyous Celebration’ and our first ‘keeper’

She is a Silver/cream Sable and is the smaller version of her Daddy.​​

Squirrel to date has had 4 beautiful litters with Monty and Calvin with a total of 11 pups.​

We cherish Squirrel, our 4.6kg 'Pip Squeak'. She has an exceptionally, long, beautiful, fine silky coat, lovely conformation and pigment and brings much joy into our lives.


NZch Upper Class Lelou vom Salzetal


DOB 5 April 2011

Our little Peaches arrived at Auckland International Airport from Frankfurt GERMANY, at 1205 24th February 2012. ​

The vom Salzetal lines are sort after internationally for true to type Havanese from original bloodlines.

Not only is little Lelou-Peaches a stunning true to type havanese yet another head turning quality is her deep rich red colour with jet black pigment.  This little girl will be the first RED havanese in the southern hemisphere. We thank you Sabine for your commitment to sending this little girl to us.​

Peaches is a busy little girl always one step behind me wanting to know what is going on.  She is our little dancing Queen, really good at it and gets very excited with animals on the telly!​​

NZch Bruin's Sweet Memory of Cubana


DOB 2 MARCH 2014

This drop dead gorgeous golden red gal was given to us by our beautiful Squirrel and Calvin.

Gucci was one of 2 beautiful girls, Nutkin being the replica of her mama. Gucci’s timing in the world was very poignant and bitter sweet. Gucci was born exactly one year after Bruin crossed the rainbow bridge and at the very same vet centre. Gucci and Nutkin were born by C-section as one little puppy sadly had died prior to delivery. So Gucci has a very special name as Bruin was our much loved Bichon of 15 years. Gucci reminds us of Bruin on her birthday.

Gucci is a delight to show, beautifully bouncy and making it quite clear that she is the princess that she is! Gucci has given 3 beautiful litters and is a devoted mother just like her mum was.



NZch Alpha Giulietta

aka Alfie

DOB 22 MARCH 2015

Alfie entered the world somewhat prematurely in terms of my calculations with Sweet Gucci whelping the first 4 of her litter on her own and unattended! Alfie was one of the first red and white five born to Gucci and Whittaker.

From day one, although her markings were light I knew I had the first red and white girl.

Alfie is such a little sweetie, loves the world, her mama Gucci and the Cubana Team especially Possum.

Alfie was not so impressed with the show arena yet in spite of her slight shyness Alfie qualified as a Titled New Zealand Champion 5 days after her first birthday.​


Cubana's Red Sox Charm

aka Ashby

DOB 6 JULY 2017

Ashby is our little smiler, when excited she always shows her little teeth, which melts your heart.

This golden /red sable girl was born out of a lovely union between Cubana's Calypso Cracker (UK line) and Bruin's Sweet Memory of Cubana with strong European lines. 

Ashby is one of five in an all sable litter.

Judges, within her first month of showing have awarded her 2 Baby Puppy in shows (Toy Speciality) and a back to back win with Baby Puppy of Group All Breeds.

All three judges impressed with her lovely robust Havanese type.


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