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Is the Havanese easy to groom?


If you don’t wish to groom your dog every second day, DON’T get a Havanese. 


The best information on grooming your Havanese is found in a chapter from the book, 'A Joyous Havanese' by Kathryn Braund. THIS BOOK IS A MUST for all Havanese owners. Not only is it a delightful read but jammed packed with everything you need to know about your little charmer. I find grooming my Havanese a breeze and most enjoyable. The Havanese are a walk in the park in comparison to grooming my Bichon Frise which takes an age.


The Havanese is non-shedding. The coat actually retains the hair that should fall off. Hence the need for regular grooming. This 10 to 15 minute maintenance groom should be a pleasure time for both you and your havanese. You need a special table or bench where your puppy looks forward to being touched, brushed and combed.


Introduce your puppy slowly to the grooming area with lots of touches and treats. Then very gently introduce a  brush. It is essential to lay your puppy on the side or back to ensure that you can brush/comb under the legs where matting frequently occurs......

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