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Mocha a Toffee Bertie daughter and Nutmeg a Ashby Bertie daughter, two little newbies at Cubana

Cubana is New Zealand's  first kennel
to breed Havanese from top Australian, UK and European blood lines.

Our kennel name CUBANA, highlights 3 combinations of the name and origin.

The Havanese is the recognised National dog of Cuba.

The Port city of Cuba where the Havanese first set their paws on Cuban soil. In the 16th Century merchants, traders and settlers carried these small Bichon type dogs from Spain as gifts and trades to the wealthy aristocrats of Cuba.

The recognised name of our pint sized companion toy dogs. The Havanese is also known as the Bichon Havanais, Habaneros and the 'Havana or Cuban Silk Dog' (its coat has evolved in Cuba over time to silky wool to accommodate the tropical heat).

Our commitment is to love, nurture, protect and enjoy our sweet,  mischievous and adoring little charmers and that is not hard!

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Ethical Breeding Statement of Intent. Cubana recognises the effort of mothering, and it is our primary focus to cherish and nurture any breeding female havanese. To that end Cubana will:  Breed a bitch a maximum of 4 times during their life span. Ensure the bitch is left to rest between seasons. Assess each bitch according to previous whelping experience to ensure that there is no risk. That no expense is spared if complications arise to ensure the safety of the bitch in the whelping process.